Audible Acupuncture

Sonic Empowerment Through Sound, Frequency, and The Cosmic Harmony

Welcome to! Audible Acupuncture is a mobile app for both iOS and Android that uses the natural harmonic frequencies of the planets to generate specific tones and frequencies in multiple patterns. These tones can be used in many different ways to engage the energetic body and re-harmonize your personal frequencies with the natural world. These principles are based upon the Law of The Cosmic Octave, which was first discovered and reproduced by Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathemetician and musical theorist in 1978. The basic rotational frequencies of the planets are moved into audible tones, which then produce rythmic patterns.


Audible Acupuncture was conceived, designed, and engineered by Nicholas Bernhardt Zeman as a meditative aid and musical companion for his Harmonic Flow Yogic Practice, which incorporates Resonant Harmonies, Rhythms, and Movements through a Vinyasa-style dynamic motion methodology. He is also the author of several books on subjects including Digital Storytelling, 3D Animation, and Organic Modeling.