Audible-Acupuncture: Instructions

Using the Audible Acupuncture App

Choosing a Chakra

Touch a Chakra on the screen to activate it and the associated Tone and Visual Display. The Spinning Lotus Indicator will light up to inform you which Chakra and associated Planetary Tone is playing.

Muladhra - The Root, Legs, and Lower Extremities.

Svaddisthanna - The Sacrum, Sexual Organs.

Manipura - The Solar Plexus and Digestive System.

Anahata - The Heart, Lungs and Cardio-Vascular System.

Vishuddha - The Throat, Vocal Chords, and Communication.

Ajna - The Third Eye, Intuition and Vision.

Zahasra - The Crown, Center of Wisdom and Knowledge.

Tone Types

Touch or click on the Tone Type Icon to change the type of tone generated.

Binaural - Offset frequencies in the left and right ear. The offset is tuned to the selected brainwave frequency.
Pulse - A pulsing tone, which tempo is set to the frequency of the selected brainwave.
Pure - A pure tone from the chosen chakra/planetary alignment.
Metronome - A Rythmic drum beat derived from the chakra/planetary alignment.
Music - Musical loops with rhythm and chords derived from the chakra/planetary alignment.


To Pause the song or tone playing, press this button. If you press it again, the tone or loop will resume playing.

Open the Sweep Panel and program a gradual sweep from one brainwave to another.

The Tuner will bring up the Tune Sequence Dialogue, which will give you the option to play a Tuning Sequence, in order from bottom to top, with a specific amount of seconds for each of the 7 Chakras.

The Brainwave Selector allows you to select the specific brainwave frequency pattern(alpha, beta, gamma, delta, theta, gamma,epsilon, and lambda).

The Settings Button will bring up the Settings Box, which allows the user to customize the Binaural Frequency and the Planetary/Chakra alignments.

The Helper Icon displays all Chakras and their current Planet Settings.


Chakra/Planetary Settings: Each Chakra can be set to a specific Planet, the Moon, or the Sun, for a unique experience. The Default Planetary Tone for each Chakra is indicated. These settings can be saved.

Binaural Offset: The "Third Frequency", or offset between the left and right ear frequencies, which will be noticed when using the Binaural Tone Type. This is set to the Schumann Frequency (see links) (7.83hz) by default, but can be set to anything desired. This setting will cause a dissonance between the two ears and produce a unique binaural effect. Try settings between 2 and 40 (brainwave frequencies) for various results.