Audible-Acupuncture: Philosophy

Using the Law of The Cosmic Octave

Harmonic Resonance

Harmonic resonance is an extraordinarily diverse and varied phenomenon seen in countless forms throughout the universe, from gravitational orbital resonances, to electromagnetic oscillations, to acoustical vibrations in solids, liquids, and gases, to laser resonance in light and microwaves. Harmonic resonance spans a vast range of spatial scales, from the tiniest wave-like vibrations of the elemental particles of matter, to orbital resonances that emerge from spinning disks of gas and stars. Audible Acupuncture uses the principles of acoustic resonance and harmonics to allow you to hear and synchronize your energy body with these harmonic wave patterns by using color, light, and sound.

Brainwave Entrainment

It has long been know to neuro-scientists that the human brain produces a spectrum of frequencies which are specific to certain modes of thought. They are delineated into ranges of frequencies and categorized by the state of mind when most often encountered. For instance, in a sleeping state, the slower frequency patterns of Delta, Theta, and Epsilon are encountered while in the waking, active state the most commonly recorded frequencies are Alpha and Beta. It has also been discovered that the brain can be "trained" to enter into higher-level functioning frequencies by training it with repetivive pulsing lights and sounds. The effects of this brainwave entrainment have been studied extensively for scientific proof that they can make us smarter, more youthful, healthier, and extend our minds into higly intuitive states of existence.

BrainWave Frequency Range Mental State
Alpha 8-12hz High Focus Alert State, "The Zone"
Beta 13-30hz Common Active Mental State
Delta .5-3hz Trance State
Theta 3-8hz REM Dream State
Gamma 27-100hz Super-Conscious State
Epsilon 0-.5hz Extremely Low, Out of Body State
Lambda 10-50hz Extremely High State (Unknown)


By listening to the various tones or music contained in this app, as well as watching the gently flashing lights on the screen, you will begin to experience the profoundly positive mental and spiritual states that result from harmonizing with the movement of the earth as well as the rest of the planets, sun, and moon. All of which are currently excerting a gravitational effect on your body. Each Chakra can be custom-aligned to a particular planetary movement, although the recommended settings are the current default settings. By training your energetic body to synchronize to these oscillating patterns, you should see an energetic "tuning", or alignment. The positive effects can be better clarity, more positive mood, physical energy, or relaxed mental state.