Audible-Acupuncture: Science

Understanding The Cosmic Octave

Planetary Orbit as Sound

Orbits around an object produce a Sine wave, which converts a circular motion into a frequency. This frequency is very slow, but using the mathematic law of the octave we can simply double it until it becomes a sound audible to the human ear. In this way we can create tones that are exactly aligned with the movement of the planets.

Pure Tones

The Cosmic Octave is simply the mathematics behind finding the closest audible frequency in the human range of hearing that harmonizes with the orbital frequency of any particular planet around the sun. The earth, for example, rotates around the sun once every 365.242 days, or once every 31556908.9 seconds. So the frequency of the earth's rotation in hz, or seconds, is ~0.00000003168878 hz. As we all know, tones are sound waves that oscillate at specific frequencies, some of which are in the range of human hearing. Any note, or "tone" can be amplified and harmonized with by using a derivative that is double or half the frequency. So, in effect, by moving to the 32nd octave of the frequency of the earth's rotation around the sun we can arrive at 136.1 hz, which coorresponds to a C# on the 432 hz tuning (where an "A" is 432 hz and not 440 hz as in modern concert tuning).

Binaural Tones

Binaural Tones are tones which have separate tones in the right and left side. When played with earbuds or headphones they generate a 3rd tone in the central auditory cortex, which will be the offest difference between the 2 tones. This allows us to hear tones which are far below our human range of hearing, such as brainwave tones in the 2-40 hz range. Many of these tones are used specifically in brainwave-based sound theory and meditation audio loops. The numerical difference between the tone in one ear and the other will be determined by the Brainwave Selection (see the Brainwave page for more information). Each Brainwave has a characteristic range of frequency, and the specific frequency can be changed with the Brainwave Selector. Higher Frequency Brainwaves, such as Alpha or Beta, are going to produce a much more audibly distinct difference between one ear and the other, while lower frequency Brainwaves, such as Epsilon or Delta, will produce much more subtle differences. There are many web sites that will give you specific lists of prevalent Binaural tones to experiment with - check out the links page for more information.

Pulsing Tones

Pulsing Tones are tones that will pulse in the Key of the chosen Chakra, but to a specified Brainwave Frequency. The pulse of light and sound will rythmically sync itself to the Octave of a Chakra and simultaneously to the chosen Brainwave. Each Planetary Frequency will have it's own characteristic brainwave frequency inside the pre-set range, therefore will be in a perfect harmonious relationship with the chosen Brainwave. We suggest beginning with Epsilon, which is the slowest pulse, and moving uowards in speed from there to acclimate your sensory body to the experience.

Musical Compositions

Musical Compositions are designed to play a loopable musical representation of the energy of the particular chakras. The specific rhythmic patterns are based on the Cosmic Octave, scaled to a beats-per-minute that works for meditative and yogic practice. These are useful for led meditations, yoga classes, tai chi, or breathing exercises. The music is composed with specific tones and beats that match the intention and energy for the particular chakra key.